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Final country analysis paper

These are the four countries I choose


United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia


It has to be 10 slide power point

This “report” is a powerpoint with notes (notes can be on the powerpoint in the notes section or on a separate document).  The powerpoint should be at minimum 10 slides and include information about all of the countries you have previously turned in papers on.  The powerpoint should include items like (but not be limited to) the following:

How was this territory developed?

Is this region a part of any international trade agreements?

Does this region have tariffs or taxes on imports or exports?

Is this region useful to other countries for importing or exporting?

Would you enter into this region as a company? why or why not?

Give me examples of why businesses might or might not florish in your region?

Give me some history on your region?

Where there any wars that made this region famous, profitable, less desirable, etc.? Anything else noteworthy about this region?

Apply anything/everything we’ve read, studied, watched, etc, on this region?

Does this region have access to waterways that make importing or exporting easy?

This powerpoint should tell a story.  Get creative and have fun!!  Again, these are just examples of what to include in your powerpoint.  Do not just give me information about your region, I can research and find out about the region myself.  I want to know how this region is useful in conducting international business.

For example: you have a slide that shows a picture of several rivers combined with a picture of taxes and tariffs.  In your notes you should explain that the rivers make importing and exporting very easy for a new company, however, the taxes are very high.  Therefore, hiring an international banker to assist with entering countries with lower taxes might be more feasable for an emerging company